Cha-Cha Jones creates lush compositions with sapid scratches and awesome melodic blends. Her background steeped in soul, she’s known for spanning all genres & the globe to set it off for the likes of many.

As a Georgia native, she’s both a radio legend and shero of the Atlanta music scene. Touting an impressive series of mixed projects, groundswell reputation, and alliances that include regional legendaries as well as growing web magnet, her live performance has the uncanny ability to give you what you want & need.

Eclectic ~ Well-respected

Cha-Cha has played for the masses with the world famous FunkJazz Kafe, TBS, UGA, Spelman, Texas A&M, Wyndam Garden, The Standard, Ann Taylor, Puma, Adidas, Nike, GTM, National Black Arts Festival, US Army, other brands, and rocked many, many a premier event, art exhibit, house party, weddings and fashion shows in between. She’s warmed the crowd for Kelis, India Irie, Janelle Monae, Anthony David, Kanye West, Jill Scott, and not only does Cha-Cha nice up the mic for DJ performances. Her silky charismatic voice is one you may have heard on-air before. Her client roster includes Macy’s, Ford, TV One, Wal-Mart, Publix & Children’s Healthcare.

She’s recorded tracks with greats of Atlanta lore Organized Noise and made the spot lively & hot from here to Amsterdam, with stops in Italy, Paris, Honduras, London, Miami, LA, New York, and Bermuda just to name a few.

Cha-Cha Jones enhances top-notch relevant & intriguing musical content wherever she plays and serves as a voice of stature while burgeoning as an actress. In the midst of music and aspirations for ever reaching higher heights, Cha Jones is a certified soldier of Love.